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We are the operating system of churches, we carry out analysis tailored towards church growth...

Welcome to MyChurchMember

This is a platform designed with simplicity to help you manage relationships and communication with your members,a platform that help you make strong decisions (based on facts and reports generated by the system) about expansion and growth. Your church growth is our joy, winning souls for christ is important to us. Come let us go on these journey...

Below are some of the things we help you with

Church Departments/Groups

Create, manage and relate with the various groups and departments in your church with ease, you can also assign a sub-group head to manage a group, Start work on your great idea with your church groups today!

Church Program Promotion/Events

Simple and easy Program/Event promotion. Reach out to every member instantly, either by email or by sms or both! you can also schedule when you want the information to be shared with members (sms or email)

Church Growth

No more assumptions regarding your church growth. Correct church growth statistics to enable you scale.

Map View

A well detailed map view of where your members lives, this help you understand where majority of your members are coming from, it helps during evangelism or ,help you understand where to put the next house fellowship

Communication/Relationship Management

Sending information to members either by sms/email has been made easy, all you need to do is click "Send". Managing relationship is really important, so we have added tools such as an automatic birthday reminder (Configurable), Wedding anniversary reminder etc, basically thing that would make a member happy


Our system is intelligent enough to give you reports specific to your church, analysis such as how many doctors/engineers/teachers are in the church?, how many single or married?, how many people live close to a particular busstop?, how many people's birthday do we have today/week/month etc and the list continues.

As the renowned operating system for churches, you can manage nearly everything about your church, our data entry process is easy, you can either use and excel file to bulk upload, send a unique link to members or you register them yourself individually.

Note: we are open to suggestions.